Why Good Content is important in SEO?

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Why Good Content is important in SEO?


SEO starts and ends with only quality content and the agencies nowadays do not implement optimization strategy if there is no solid content. SEO content writing is the one that can rank higher when keywords are searched. You can consult any SEO agency and they can help you with the things that you need to know about SEO content writing. Good content is really important for SEO. So, why it is important, read ahead.


The keywords matter even though many big advances have been made when it comes to the rankings of the blog posts and web pages. The importance of keywords can be easily seen and judged with the fact that the rankings depends on whether there is a usage of the keyword or its alternative in the blog post or web page or not. With the help of a strategic content writing, the right keywords can be easily and properly used so that the article can rank on Google. You will not be able to add the right keyword if there is no content available or written and then the site won’t be ranking for the right keyword, obviously.


The social media is a great platform for the businesses to grow and make a brand value. When people find the thing they are actually looking for, they prefer to stick to it. And it will be really beneficial if that content is yours. You can make an engaging content so that the user reads it and like it and eventually, ends up sharing it. When the user shares the link, Google tracks it and these actions come to known as social validation and it helps in ranking the links on the search engine.


Backlinks are really important in any content. These help in ranking on the search engine. These can be taken as a type of social validation but focus on social media is not required so much. The backlinking can be done within the site or with other sites. You can backlink many links of your other blog posts which relate to the content that you are writing. Sometimes, people backlink your blog because they appreciate your blog post. This is the validation seen by the Google and the algorithm that it works on helps your blog posts or web pages to rank.


This is the basic and a straightforward point. The sites work on content and if you have no content, what is your site for and what will Google rank? Content writing is important because Google ranks the content in normal Google section as it ranks videos on Google videos and images on Google images section.


This is a new buzzword trending on the internet and especially in the SEO circles and content marketing. Google is going to rank the content that actually solves the purpose. User needs to find what he/she is actually looking for and when they type something on Google, the exact information must be provided. The links that have the right content and the user staying on the site for the information is tracked by the Google and the rankings of the site become better.

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