Most Important Ranking Factors in SEO

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Most Important Ranking Factors in SEO

 seo ranking factors

most important seo ranking factors

Search Engine Optimization is a really important field that keeps on evolving with time. That’s why there is a need to be in a continuous touch with the updates of Google search’s ranking algorithm and the SEO agency  has been doing that pretty well. The updates of Google algorithms have introduced a better, cleaner and smarter search experience. But this year, things have changed again and here are the most important ranking factors in SEO that you must know:


The content that is high ranking is the one that has complete information of the topic and has a broad spectrum of the subjects that are almost related. The user must get a real value from the content and must have the visual content too so that the user is engaged. Quality always beats the quantity, remember. Though there is no clear rule for the perfect length of the content but it has been found that there is a relation between the length of the content and the top search positions. So, the high ranking content is the one that has a comparatively longer length.


Backlinks are still one of the strongest ones when it comes to the ranking signals in the search algorithm of Google. There are the better chances of ranking well for some of the top keywords if you have the article with more links from the domains that have high-authority. The backlink profiles should be paid close attention, especially the given updates like Penguin 4.0 which has filtered and cleaned the sites with the profiles that have low-quality backlinks.


Google announced the mobile first indexing in November 2016. This simply means that the search rankings of a site will be affected by its mobile compatibility. As the usage of mobiles is increasing, the websites must prioritize the mobile versions so that a better experience can be provided to the users. The local results have started changing with the mobile first approach of Google.


The page speed of the sites has become a crucial thing as the mobile first indexing has started. The websites which have a slower loading time are going to have a hard time in ranking at the top. The motive of these updates is simple that there should be a good user experience with the sites that are ranking on top.


The domains still have the influence like the old times. The smarter algorithm of Google still tells us about two major verticals regarding the power of domains. First, the domains that are exact match still carry lots of weight and the second one is that the domain age is going to help in ranking. The new ones are going to face a hard time for ranking for top keywords whereas the ones that are old enough are still holding the top positions.

The SEO marketing strategies are going to have a big impact because of the above mentioned search ranking factors and if you want to get the positive points of the impact, then you must go for SEO services, but only if you cannot handle the impact yourself because nobody wants to jump on the negative side of the impact.


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