Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords: Which Is Better for Your Business?

digimodeNewsFacebook Ads vs. Google AdWords: Which Is Better for Your Business?



Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords: Which Is Better for Your Business?

Facebook AdWords & Google AdWords both are used by most of the business website over online in today’s digital marketing world. The company can make their plan and set their budget to target a region or target audience to promote their product & services on a Pay per Click (PPC) basis. Understanding Facebook and Google ads campaign is a very analytical job. If you are running your business or you want to start your startup then understanding the online paid campaign is very necessary. Learn from a Digital Marketing Course based on digital marketing AdWords this will help you to target audience and set a budget for your any particular product or services to promote it over the internet. Digital Marketing Training helps in understanding the study of which AdWords is better for which business and particularly in which social platform and so on.

Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

There are certain facts and differences which we need to understand before concluding which is better. According to a report by last year of Forbes Facebook ads, ROI is better than Google even Facebook AdWords are cheap and spread to the maximum because of Facebook great social media platform. Although it depends on which product you are providing in a particular region. There are many which one needs to consider before campaigning on Facebook or Google because the geographical area needs to look after and the price of a campaign is to be set in such various context. There are specific factors like:

  1. The Cost per click (CPC) significantly higher in Google AdWords as compare to Facebook and possibly this is the main reason why people choose Facebook ads over Google ads.
  2. Google ads help in context to which industry you belong to and to generate your sales or leads then it is merely used by many companies.
  3. Keywords play a very significant role in opting the best media platform to choose your campaign mode. Facebook usually cost less and target audience whereas for generating more leads you can use Google AdWords.
  4. Depending on your buyer or prospective consumer destination you have to choose the best campaign mode. For example, if your target audience is youth below 30-36 years people then you can opt for Facebook because of social media platform where the maximum of youth will enormously available. In contrary, if your services are quite above 30-36 years of age people then you can prefer Google ads as because they are mainly on another platform than Facebook. So it depends on the target audience.

Digital marketing companies are nowadays providing Digital Marketing Training to the concerned party who want stop build their career in online marketing, and with their various course on SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC and other Digital Marketing Course one can understand the aspect and scope of digital marketing in any business. Business people need to understand first his target audience and then he/she should opt with which mode of AdWords campaign will be fruitful to him/her.


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